Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is an important part of your retirement plan. With a smart legacy plan, you can help reduce taxes on your estate, plan for your family to be taken care of, and help make your wishes known.

At NorthStar Financial & Retirement Planning, we’ll help you build a full legacy plan, even recommending an attorney for your will, trust, probate, and power of attorney.

Key Legacy Questions to Ask

When planning for your estate, we go through a list of key questions to help understand what you want out of your legacy plan, like:

  • What are all of your estate assets (assets that are deeded, titled, or legally belonging to you)?
  • Who would you like to receive those assets?
  • When should they receive those assets?
  • Who do you want to care for your dependents if you are no longer able to?
  • What funeral and final resting arrangements do you want and how would you like to cover those costs?

There are more questions that we’ll go over with you in office, but these are a few to help get you thinking about your legacy plan goals. If you’d like to talk more about your legacy plan, reach out to us at your closest NorthStar location.

Get Your Legacy Plan Today

Get Your Legacy Plan Today