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The retirement landscape is always changing. Interest rates, market volatility, global debt, tax changes and the 2008 market downturn have affected the way retirees and pre-retirees view financial planning.

The old way of assessing risk, stereotyping investors into categories of “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive,” simply doesn’t work — the spectrum of risk tolerance is far greater than just 3 black and white categories. This dated method forces investors into the “closest fit” instead of the right fit.

We appreciate that all investment styles will cycle in and out of favor over time.  To mitigate the risk on having a portfolio entirely bound by a single, out-of-style approach, we believe portfolios should be inclusive of a variety of asset allocation methods that you are 100% comfortable with.

Independent Financial Assistance

As an independent investment advisory firm, we are not constrained to offering just “approved” securities on our “platform.”

Unlike many larger and complex firms, NorthStar is not constrained by special behind-the-scenes arrangements that might impair our interest and ability in providing you with the absolute best possible investment solutions at the lowest cost.

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Personalized Risk Management

If you’re taking more risk than you expect, you may be setting yourself up for damaging behaviors when markets turn volatile.

We believe investors should be proactive in avoiding major loss from deep and sustained bear markets by applying disciplined, non-emotional rules to reduce equity exposure in parts of their portfolio.

We are able to offer clients a full selection of the highest quality investment solutions. As an independent firm, we never lose sight that we first and foremost work for you, the client.

Given the very high importance of managing your life savings and achieving your long-term financial objectives, we believe working closely together and educating you on your investments is our #1 priority at NorthStar.

Your portfolio will reflect your comfort level.

Whether you’re more interested in conservative investments, being aggressive with your investing, or if you’re unsure, our team will educate you on options that match your needs and risk tolerance. 

We’ll help you create a dynamic plan to respond to these challenges, adapt to the future, and help you gain confidence- for life. 

How much risk
are you taking today?

NorthStar uses Riskalyze, an award-winning technology that quantifies your level of risk. Using this tool, we’ll work to help you create a portfolio that aligns with your investment goals to better ensure a solid plan for your financial future.

Click below to try Riskalyze, you could discover as many do that there is a significant difference between the amount of risk you want to take and what you’re actually taking.

We're here to prepare you for retirement.

We will work with you to find the right balance between security and growth by assessing your current financial situation and desired retirement lifestyle to guide you to a financially secure future with a plan that is easy to understand and is one you and your family can follow, for life. 

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Investment Management

Investment management is a crucial piece to most individuals’ financial plan. However, few take the time to weigh their options and a lack of understanding can lead to reduced income for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to maintain a reasonable rate of return while protecting your assets during market downturns.
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Income Planning

We customize each retirement strategy according to our clients' needs so that they can spend with confidence without fear of outliving their money.
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Tax Planning Strategies

We strive to build a tax strategy that will bring our clients as close to a zero percent tax bracket as possible. Our CPA, Travis Smith, focuses on tax reduction strategies. Less taxes = more to spend in retirement!
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Long-Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Planning requires taking the time to understand how long-term care affects each of us and finding the right solutions to protect what we have worked so hard for. We'll also help you weigh the decision between staying home and moving to a retirement community.
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Healthcare & Insurance Planning

Insurance, Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Advantage plans must be part of the conversation when building a comprehensive retirement plan. In order to help prepare for medical costs in retirement, we can help you file for Medicare, figure out which plans are right for you, and prepare for any costs that Medicare doesn’t cover.
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Legal, Estate & Legacy Planning

We understand how important family is to our clients, and we want to help them provide for their loved ones through proper estate and legacy planning. We focus on strategies like multi-generational IRAs. We also use tax mapping, so our clients can leave a greater legacy to their family. Our estate planning attorney can assist with designing your will and/or trust.
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Guide to retirement

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Our 5-STEP RETIREMENT GUIDE will show you what information is needed to understand the risks associated with retirement so that you can make smart retirement planning decisions.

How can we help?

It can be difficult to decide where to go for financial advice. At NorthStar, we believe in the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. We understand that people can be apprehensive when asking for information and assistance.

Our promise to you is that we will be respectful of your time and there will be no pressure or obligation to do business with us. We want you to be comfortable from the minute we meet!

- George

George Fossing RICP® | CLTC®, President, CEO