Education is part of our planning process.

Knowledge is power! We love to share.

With the uncertainty and volatility in the markets, it is more important than ever to take control of your financial future. We provide educational events to those looking to learn more about successful retirement planning.

We also continue to educate our clients throughout T.V., Radio, and through fun and frequent workshops and events.

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Guide to retirement

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Free 5-Step Retirement Guide.

Our 5-STEP RETIREMENT GUIDE will show you what information is needed to understand the risks associated with retirement so that you can make smart retirement planning decisions.

How can we help?

It can be difficult to decide where to go for financial advice. At NorthStar, we believe in the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. We understand that people can be apprehensive when asking for information and assistance.

Our promise to you is that we will be respectful of your time and there will be no pressure or obligation to do business with us. We want you to be comfortable from the minute we meet!

- George

George Fossing RICP® | CLTC®, President, CEO